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Latest web development technologies 2021


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

In 2021, 75% of online shopping orders through the website were made with mobile devices. PWA’s rising website trend makes it possible for users to view their favourite websites on a mobile web browser or desktop and without downloading special apps or computer programs.

PWAs in 2021 will be written with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. Besides great user experience and no need for programs, PWA could send push notifications and provide users with offline access to cached content.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots

AI assistants and bots can collect data, or solve difficult issues. AI is considered one of the most influential technologies that shape the future of web development. Thus, the community demand for AI-enabled communication will become more widespread in 2021.

Nowadays, we can see dozens of AI chatbots, virtual assistants (Alexa, Siri, Cortana), and voice bots as the latest web industry trends. These technologies help businesses engage and upgrade human interaction. Also, they enhance the digital customer experience.

B2C companies already use the technology to serve their customers — official page chatbots inside Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype are good examples. A bot could be also integrated into PWA, regular website, professional or household equipment, and any Internet-connected app developed by a commercial company.

Do you want to know how to build a chatbot for your company’s needs using Vue.js and Ruby on Rails?

Voice Search

Back in the days, information was all about the text. But in 2021, more and more Internet users prefer communicating with audio over using text information. That is why the Web uses audio and speech interpretation as one of the most rapidly emerging technologies in web development.

Juniper Research predicts that by 2022, 55% of all households in the world will have voice assistants. But it is not confined only to virtual home assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, or Siri.

Recent web development technology trends stress the importance of voice optimization for websites. Most companies want to ride the wave that will shape the future of the Web

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is one more web development trend. The idea of it is to speed up page performance and decrease the risk of leaving it. AMP technology is a bit similar to PWA. The difference is that pages become accelerated due to open-source plugin recently developed by Twitter and Google.

AMPs are optimized pages that could operate fast and have a simplified and yet convenient design with only basic features compared to full-scope web products. Those pages are also mobile-friendly and their content is always readable.

Serverless Architecture

What does the web development future look like? Server-less technology is the result of searching for the possibility to avoid system overloading, data loss, or costly development. Supported by major vendors like AWS, server-less algorithms were recently built as a cloud-computing execution model. According to the concept, regular servers could be replaced by clouds that manage machine resource consumption.

In 2021-22, server-less technology is forecast-ed to be actively used for chat-bots, IoT apps, products that need complex back-end requests proceeding, and APIs. The most common tasks that could be executed server-less are downloading files backups, notification delivery, and objects export. AWS (AWS Lambda), Google Cloud (Google Functions) and Microsoft Azure (Azure Functions) will be still major service providers of 2021.

Motion UI

Motion UI makes digital products usage more intuitive and clearer. Involves custom animation integration and CSS transitions powered by stand-alone libraries with numerous classes of animated elements. With their help, developers spend less time on digital product building and save the costs of product owners.

In 2021-22, the motion future of web design seems to be still appealing as SASS libraries are flexible, easy to use with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and are highly responsive. Motion UI is also a proven way to capture users’ attention, so it is useful for those who develop products for markets with lots of players.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Using this latest website development technology, visitors feel like they browse a single page for all their needs. Among the most famous single-page applications, we can mention Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides, SPA technology can boast of great cross-platform nature as it is supported by most devices.

SPAs gain their popularity due to JavaScript frameworks rise. Working with them you intercept particular browser events and request JSON which looks like working with a web application. Google pages like Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Maps, as well as social networking platforms like Facebook, are of that kind. Current web trends observation makes it clear that in future most functional websites will be constructed as SPAs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is a network of interconnected devices that require no or almost no actions from the users’ side to execute operations and perform useful results. In 2021-22, some of web development trends will be caused by IoT development.

Transport, healthcare, housekeeping, and marketing are likely to be major IoT niches in 2021. New trends in web design (UX) will be also influenced by changes in the IoT environment. We should foresee voice interfaces design and emerging approaches to big data architecture.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks emerged as attempts to standardize the language and create a convenient frontend ecosystem that is easy to benefit from. In 2021, JavaScript frameworks will involve UX, UI, testing, and product tech management aspects. Frameworks usage will be based on ready components one needs to compose working on a website.

Technically, JavaScript frameworks remain an application framework created with JavaScript programming language and based on libraries (both visual and functional) integration. This web trend has lots of benefits. Immediate feedback that is given to users without page reloads, high efficiency and fast performance, coding simplicity are just a couple of them.

Responsive Websites (RWD)

You can’t discuss website trends of 2021 avoiding responsive websites issue. The concept was born more than 5 years ago when mobile devices were actively seizing the market. In 2018-19, every second search request is being made by the mobile user, which means developers and designers should put extra effort into polishing their products and make it convenient for users in two formats — desktop and mobile.

There are at least 3 options on how to solve the problem. The idea is to develop either mobile-first website and adapt it to desktop, create a mobile-friendly website that looks on mobile screen and desktop in the same way, or invest in responsive web design (RWD) and use the same HTML code with CSS that could alter the rendering on your web site automatically. In 2021, the RWD approach is likely to gain significant attention.

Push Notifications

In 2021, notifications will appear not only in mobile apps but in web apps. Moreover, they will turn into one more powerful tool to gain users’ attention, make user retention rates higher, and even provide desktop users with the type of experience they used to obtain through mobile devices only.

Facebook, global news platforms, Google Mail, and other huge market players already implement the technology into their web apps. Next year we could expect push notification adoption by small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, instant notifications are likely to replace some types of communication with customers such as email sending.

GDPR and Cybersecurity

Importance of cybersecurity in 2021? And each time we proceed with operations like online payments, sharing personal data while buying tickets or paying taxes, or even setting our smart houses and multimedia systems, there is always a risk for our data to be stolen.

The cybersecurity market is likely to generate over $300 billion by 2024. we can expect the development of algorithms that could protect users from phishing attacks. This type of cybercrimes is possible with trusted sites and pages simulations (like bank account entry), where users are required to fill the form with security numbers or valuable data.

The development of privacy policy such as GPDR in Europe (General Data Protection Regulation) is also the latest in web development. The document has the status of international law and put a fine on Internet product owner if they collect user data in an unsecured way, as well or sell or store user information without asking user permission. In 2021, local regulations in the US such as California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be applied.